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How Do I Apply

  • First look at the section ‘Whom Do We Support’ on our ‘About Us’ page. Do you meet, in broad terms, the criteria we specify? If you do, why not make an enquiry by filling in the Accommodation/Financial Assistance Form (indicating whether you are applying for Accommodation or Financial Assistance) and sending it either electronically or in the post to us here at Morden College.
  • We will look at your Contact Form and will then contact you to explain what happens next and perhaps ask some further questions.
  • In the processing of applications:
    • We will confirm your personal and financial circumstances
    • We will make a visit to you in your current place of residence
    • Confirm your current state of health and fitness by asking you to complete a medical examination by our Doctor
    • Interview you
    • And of course show you around our types of accommodation and introduce you to both our residents and our staff
  • If we offer you residence and you accept, on admission you will be required to sign a contract with us and have an induction briefing so that you understand what facilities are available to you (as well as the things we cannot do or provide for you). We will also help integrate you into the College community by arranging for you to meet other residents.
  • Finally, having read this, if you are still unsure, why not ring us on 0208 463 8330 and ask to speak to our Resident Support Manager.


To complete the Initial Contact Form – Application for Accommodation/ Financial Assistance: